First of all, I want to thank you for coming to my website & supporting my small business. My name is Analuisa & this is my online jewelry store, Amoriana Jewelry. 

When you support Amoriana Jewelry, you are supporting a first generation Mexican American who is trying to build a business for herself & her family. My parents came to the United States as teenagers & they have worked hard for their daughters to be able to find a career that really makes them happy. I am doing this for myself & for them. I am a wife, sister, daughter, dog mom, libra, & college graduate. I have never felt sure of what career I wanted to pursue but as soon as I started working on Amoriana Jewelry, I knew this is what I needed to be doing. I have never felt happier & more proud of myself. We have created a small community of people who support Amoriana Jewelry & that is what keeps me going every day. But enough about me, let’s talk about the jewelry!

When you shop at Amoriana Jewelry, you will find affordable gold plated jewelry that is safe for sensitive ears & skin. My goal is to bring you something that is subtle but still eye-catching. I want Amoriana Jewelry to bring a bit of a healthy golden glow to your overall appearance. It’s sexy but not overpowering. It is perfect for layering or wearing on its own. It is everything you need to step your outfits up a level. You won’t have to empty your pockets to make a purchase from us. Affordability is a big deal to me because I want everybody to have the opportunity to buy a few of our pieces.

When you wear Amoriana Jewelry, I want you to feel confident, beautiful, & empowered. I started getting into jewelry about 2 years ago and I can’t believe how much of a difference it truly makes. I’m not kidding. Pair a necklace & hoops with a basic t-shirt and you’ll feel like you can take on the world. It sounds crazy but it’s true! Look at pictures of layered necklaces with a simple outfit, it makes such a difference! You deserve to feel the power of jewelry without having to pay a small fortune to be able to layer your pieces.

That’s the story behind Amoriana Jewelry. Once again, thank you for clicking on this page to learn a little bit more about me.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, I would love to chat with you via email at shopamoriana@gmail.com or through DM’s on our instagram @shopamoriana. I hope you find something you love here <3