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First of all, I want to thank you for coming to my website & supporting my small business. My name is Analuisa & this is my online jewelry store, Amoriana Jewelry. 

When you support Amoriana Jewelry, you are supporting a first generation Mexican American who is building a business for herself & her family. My parents came to the United States as teenagers & they have worked hard for their daughters to be able to find a career that really makes them happy. I am doing this for myself & for them. I am a wife, sister, daughter, dog mom, libra, & college graduate. I had never felt sure of what career I wanted to pursue but as soon as I started working on Amoriana Jewelry, I knew this was what I needed to be doing. I have never felt happier or more proud of myself. We have created a small community of people who support Amoriana Jewelry & that is what keeps me going every day.

When you shop at Amoriana Jewelry, you will find affordable high quality gold plated & gold filled jewelry that is safe for sensitive ears & skin. Our mission is to make you feel empowered, beautiful, & confident without breaking the bank.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please reach out via email hello@shopamoriana.com I hope you find something you love here <3