When I started to explore the jewelry world, I quickly realized that not all gold jewelry was created equally. In my efforts to create trendy jewelry looks at an affordable price point, my sensitive skin and ears would immediately become irritated. After years of feeling disappointed in the quality of gold jewelry, I decided to take action and that is where Amoriana Jewelry came to life. 

I believe that everybody deserves to feel confident, beautiful, & empowered when they wear a pair of gold hoops and throw on some layered necklaces. At Amoriana Jewelry, you will find high-quality, sensitive-skin friendly gold-plated and gold-filled jewelry for every budget. Whether you are looking for dainty minimalist rings or a chunky statement necklace, Amoriana Jewelry has you covered.

As a growing business, I promise to always keep YOU at the top of my list. I pride myself in bringing you the highest quality at the best price point. Now throw on your hoops, stack up those rings, & go take on the world with your Amoriana Jewelry!

Thank you for supporting my first-generation Latina woman-owned business.

xo, Analuisa